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Welcome to OloEats, where we spotlight your restaurant and revolutionize its online ordering experience. Explore the array of benefits and features tailored to enhance your restaurant’s efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction. Our platform offers seamless ordering options, empowering your business to streamline operations and ensure a delightful dining journey for your customers.

Transform your restaurant through the OloEats platform.

OloEats offers a distinctive set of advantages unparalleled by any other platform. Experience seamless ordering, heightened operational efficiency, and unparalleled customer satisfaction that sets your restaurant apart. Discover the exclusive benefits that make OloEats the ultimate choice for propelling your establishment towards unparalleled success in the culinary world.

Our Top Features
Pickup Orders

Customers can place orders online and pick them up at the restaurant at a convenient time.

Dine-In Orders

Restaurant visitors can use the platform to order directly from their table for a smooth dine-in experience.

Delivery Orders

Customers can place delivery orders to receive their meals at their doorstep.

Table Bookings & Reservations

OloEats facilitates the reservation of tables, allowing customers to book a table in advance for their visit to the restaurant.

Custom Ordering Website

Establish your personalized online ordering platform linked to your domain name, inclusive of a free SSL certificate for secure transactions.

Tailored Landing Page

Develop an exclusive business landing page that serves as your primary website or a dedicated store locator page to attract customers.

Customer Email Notifications

Automatically send customers email notifications confirming their order placement and provide PDF receipts for their reference.

Admin Dashboard

Effortlessly manage settings, menus, orders, and reservations through the user-friendly admin dashboard. Create restricted-access staff accounts for enhanced security.

Order History

Logged-in customers can effortlessly access their order history and easily reorder previous items for a convenient experience.

Express Checkout

Simplify the reordering process by saving customers’ checkout and delivery information for future orders, facilitating quick reordering.

Guest & Customer Checkout

Provide flexible checkout options, allowing customers to proceed as guests or log in via email, Facebook, or Google. Capture and track customer information for better analysis.

Real-Time Order Updates

Customers receive a unique web URL as their order receipt, enabling real-time updates on order status changes through the management interface.

Unlock the power of

OloEats’s ordering platform and innovative contactless devices.

Explore the Power of OloEats Features. Elevate your restaurant’s performance with our suite of innovative tools designed to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. Discover how OloEats’ comprehensive feature set transforms the way you manage orders, customize menus, gain insights, and market your establishment. Unleash the potential of your restaurant with OloEats today!

Top benefits of

OloEats for your restaurant.

Our integrated package offers two powerful components:

  • Streamlined Ordering: OloEats simplifies the ordering process for restaurants, offering a user-friendly interface that allows for easy and efficient customer orders across multiple channels, including pickup, delivery, dine-in, and table reservations.
  • Menu Customization: Restaurants can customize their digital menus effortlessly with OloEats, enabling easy updates, additions, and modifications to reflect seasonal changes or special promotions.
  • POS Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with Point of Sale (POS) systems, facilitating smooth operations and real-time order management, resulting in enhanced service quality.
  • Performance Insights: OloEats provides instant access to valuable analytics and performance insights, empowering restaurants to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and identify areas for growth.
  • Marketing Tools: Integrated marketing features enable restaurants to enhance their brand visibility, engage customers effectively, and implement strategic marketing campaigns directly through the platform.
  • Adaptability & Scalability: OloEats offers adaptability to evolving market trends, allowing restaurants to customize menus, respond swiftly to market shifts, and scale their operations effectively.
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Revenue Potential Unlocked

1000+ Cusomers

Leveraging diversified ordering options and enhanced visibility leads to a substantial increase in revenue, unlocking OloEats’ earning potential.

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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

More 5-Star Ratings

Attract and impress more customers by delivering enhanced customer experiences and significantly improving your feedback ratings using OloEats.

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Streamlined Operations Guaranteed

30% Faster Workflow

Embrace simplified restaurant management tools and an intuitive interface for a 30% faster transition to optimized operations with OloEats.

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Robust Security


Secure payment processing and data protection instill confidence immediately. Implement OloEats for robust security and customer assurance from the start

OloEats in action.

Explore how OloEats transforms restaurants and drives business growth.

Top-rated online ordering experence

Attract more customer and effectively serve them.

Enhanced customer trust and engagement are crucial components of your strategy. Businesses with more reviews and a 4-4.5 star rating are outperforming lower-rated competitors, resulting in increased annual revenue.