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Elevate your restaurant’s online and tableside ordering experience by seamlessly transitioning to the digital realm with OloEats. Our all-encompassing system enhances customer experiences across pickup, dine-in, delivery, and reservations. Encounter streamlined processes, operational efficiency, and exceptional customer engagement. Connect with us today to unlock OloEats’ potential and enhance your restaurant’s online performance.

Trusted Ordering Solution for Elite Eateries

The ultimate online ordering platform for your restaurant business.

Attract more online customers and elevate customer satisfaction with OloEats, designed to effortlessly enhance your restaurant’s digital ordering and boost revenue. Benefit from easy setup and powerful features that refine processes and elevate customer experiences through our cutting-edge online ordering platform.

Limitless business growth opportunities.

Experience a spectrum of ordering options, including Pickup, Delivery, Dine-In, and Advanced Reservation, seamlessly integrated within our platform. This array facilitates unhindered restaurant expansion and sustained growth. Additionally, all plans offer the added advantage of unlimited ordering.

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Online Ordering Management

Effortlessly manage online orders for pickup, dine-in, and delivery services from a unified platform.

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Table Bookings & Reservations

Seamlessly handle table bookings and reservations, optimizing seating arrangements and guest experiences.

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Customizable Menu Management

Easily customize and update menus to reflect your restaurant’s offerings and seasonal changes.

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Integration & Setup Ease

Quick and user-friendly setup with seamless integration into your current systems and operations.

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Customer Engagement Tools

Engage customers effectively with promotions, loyalty programs, and feedback mechanisms.

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Order Tracking & Management

Efficiently track and manage orders, ensuring timely preparation and delivery.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Access in-depth analytics and reporting tools for insights into sales, customer behavior, and performance metrics.

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Mobile Accessibility

Access the platform from any device, enabling efficient management of restaurant operations on-the-go.

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Swift & Safe Payment Processing

Process payments securely through multiple gateways, ensuring swift transactions and data protection.

Boost your restaurant’s revenue potential.

With OloEats, expand your customer base effortlessly. From website and Google Maps orders to your branded app on Google Play and the Apple Store, attract customers seamlessly. Offering a smooth journey—orders, payments, tracking, dine-in, or quick pickups/deliveries via QR codes and Tap Ordering. Your restaurant operates seamlessly for ultimate customer convenience.

Effortless Management and Marketing

Simplify restaurant administration with integrated tools and leverage in-house marketing features to enhance brand visibility and engage customers.

OloEats Online Ordering for restaurants Effortless Management and Marketing

Real-time Performance Analysis

Access immediate and insightful analytics pertaining to your business performance, enabling quick, data-driven decisions that steer strategic success. Real-time insights empower proactive responses and agile adjustments in a dynamic market landscape.

Restaurant Real-time Performance Analysis

No more Busy Waiter in the Bustling Moments

Tap into Effortless Ordering Experience

Keeping the kitchen and servers in sync. Visualize your success with a dedicated order flow dashboard, ensuring smooth operations and happy customers. Elevate your restaurant; choose OloEats.

Seamless Customer Experience

Embrace a user-centric and mobile-friendly platform for seamless customer ordering and reservation management. OloEats, integrated with a robust POS system, ensures a streamlined operational flow, enhancing service quality and guest satisfaction throughout your restaurant.

OloEats Online Ordering Adaptable and Scalable Platform

Adaptable and Scalable Platform

OloEats offers adaptability and scalability, allowing tailored menu customization, promotions, and agile responses to evolving market trends, ensuring your restaurant stays ahead.

Loved by restaurant owners and customers alike.

Discover why our customers in Canada rave about OloEats. They’ve experienced the perks of streamlined ordering, quicker service, and boosted revenue. We’re confident our platform can work wonders for your business too.

Sarah Martin

Restaurant Owner, Montreal

The landing page customization and menu personalization features are fantastic! OloEats made it easy for me to tailor my menu and optimize the ordering process. During busy hours, I used the platform to manage customers waiting outside. They could pre-order, saving time once they were seated. The diverse ordering options significantly boosted my revenue.

Yassin Abdelaziz

Cafe Manager – Vancouver

OloEats has been a game-changer for our Middle Eastern restaurant. The platform’s adaptable interface and diverse ordering options such as pickup and delivery have significantly boosted our sales and improved our service efficiency. Our customers appreciate the ease of navigating our digital menu and placing orders hassle-free, contributing to heightened satisfaction and repeat business. OloEats has truly elevated our restaurant’s performance and streamlined our operations!

James Lee

Manager, Calgary

OloEats has been an excellent addition to our restaurants. The platform’s menu customization options are impressive, and the ordering process is straightforward. With Pickup, Dine-In, Delivery, and Reservations, our small restaurant now caters to various customer preferences, leading to increased revenue and smoother operations.

Volodymyr Petrov

Propriétaire de restaurant – Montréal

OloEats a transformé mon restaurant ! Le menu numérique de la plateforme et son système de commande facile à utiliser ont rationalisé nos opérations. Avec différentes options de commande, dont la récupération sur place, la restauration sur place et la livraison, nous avons constaté une augmentation significative des revenus. La satisfaction de la clientèle est à un niveau record!

Aditi Shankar

Owner, Mississauga

Choosing OloEats was a wise decision for our restaurant. The platform’s tailored menu options and efficient ordering process have enhanced our operational flow. The ability to offer diverse ordering methods has significantly improved our sales and customer experience.

Khalid Fekry

Owner – Toronto, ON

Transitioning to OloEats was the right step for our small restaurant to grow. The platform’s seamless integration and variety of ordering choices, especially pickup and delivery, have led to an impressive increase in revenue. I highly recommend it for restaurants seeking efficiency and growth.

Sophie Lucas

Restaurateur – Montréal

La facilité de configuration de la plateforme, ses fonctionnalités et son interface conviviale nous ont facilité l’adaptation. Le fait d’avoir plusieurs options de commande telles que le retrait, la livraison et les réservations a considérablement augmenté les revenus de notre restaurant et la satisfaction globale de la clientèle. OloEats a été un atout précieux pour notre restaurant, et nous le recommandons vivement.

Jane Fred

Café Owner – Toronto

As a café owner, I found OloEats immensely helpful. The platform’s easy setup and diverse ordering options optimized our operations. It has significantly boosted our sales while keeping our customers satisfied with prompt service and accurate orders.

Wei Huang

Restaurant Manage, Montreal

We’ve been impressed with OloEats! The platform’s menu customization and seamless ordering features have greatly streamlined our restaurant’s workflow. With various ordering options available, our revenue has seen a noticeable uptick. Our customers love the convenience!

Emre Yılmaz

Restaurateur – Montréal

We are a small restaurant and café with a limited number of tables. Integrating OloEats has transformed our café’s operations. The streamlined ordering process and digital menu have significantly enhanced efficiency, doubling our orders. Customers appreciate the convenience of choosing between dine-in and pickup options, leading to positive reviews and a substantial increase in revenue.

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Unlimited Orders

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Over 100+ Features

Trusted Ordering Solution for Elite Eateries

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