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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for OloEats?

To sign up, click on the “Sign Up” button on our homepage and follow the simple steps.

What types of restaurants can use OloEats?

OloEats is suitable for all types of restaurants and cafes, from small cafes to large franchises. Our platform is versatile and adaptable.

How secure is the payment process?

OloEats prioritizes the security of online transactions. We employ robust encryption methods and adhere to industry-standard security protocols to safeguard your payment information. Additionally, we collaborate with trusted payment service providers to ensure a secure and seamless transaction experience.

Can I customize the menu on OloEats?

Yes, absolutely! OloEats allows you to customize your menu according to your restaurant’s offerings.

How can I track my orders?

Once logged in, you can easily track orders in real-time through your dashboard.

Can customers place orders digitally from their table?

Yes, absolutely! With OloEats, restaurant visitors can conveniently use the platform to place orders directly from their table. This feature ensures a seamless dine-in experience, allowing customers to browse the menu, make selections, and submit their orders using their smartphones or other devices without needing to wait for a server.

Can frequent customers check their history and quickly reorder?

Yes, they can! Logged-in customers on OloEats have the advantage of effortlessly accessing their order history. This feature enables them to review past orders and conveniently reorder items they’ve previously selected. This user-friendly functionality saves time and offers a hassle-free experience for returning customers who wish to reorder their favorite dishes.

Is technical support available?

Absolutely, our dedicated support team is at your service 24/7 to address any technical issues or inquiries you may have. Whether you prefer using the form below to raise a ticket or reaching out directly via email at, we’re committed to ensuring your questions are promptly answered and any concerns are efficiently resolved. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Does OloEats offer marketing tools or promotional features for restaurants?

Yes, OloEats provides a range of marketing tools and promotional features to help restaurants boost their online presence and engage customers effectively. From customizable promotional campaigns to targeted marketing initiatives, our platform empowers restaurants to drive sales and customer engagement.

How does OloEats handle customer feedback and reviews?

At OloEats, we understand the significance of customer feedback. Our platform includes robust tools to manage and analyze customer reviews. Restaurants can access and respond to feedback, gather valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their services and overall customer satisfaction.

Can I integrate OloEats with my existing website?

Yes, OloEats offers flexible integration capabilities. Our platform is designed to integrate smoothly with various restaurant management systems, allowing for efficient synchronization of data, menu items, orders, and more. Contact our support team for guidance on the integration process.

How can I implement OloEats for my multi-location restaurants?

OloEats simplifies the integration process for multi-location restaurants by offering individualized solutions for each branch. With our platform, each location will have its own dedicated management board, dashboard, and landing page. This setup ensures that every restaurant branch operates autonomously with its unique identity while benefiting from centralized management tools. Our system enables seamless coordination, allowing the management of all locations to review performance, manage menus, track orders, and analyze data through their individualized dashboards. Moreover, our platform provides a centralized view, enabling oversight across all locations via a consolidated management board. This allows higher-level management to review and analyze collective data and performance metrics, streamlining operations and decision-making processes across the entire chain. Reach out to our team to explore customized solutions and learn more about tailoring OloEats to suit your multi-location restaurant needs.

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